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Track Name: Пир во время чумы / Feast in time of plague
Feast in time of plague

Sitting behind the walls of your mansions
With golden interiors
You consider yourself equal to God
And think you can do anything you want.
You have watches costing millions, but your time is not eternal,
You can’t buy eternal life for cash,
The clock is ticking and the day will come
When your money will stuck in your throat.

Feast in time of plague – your food oozes pus!
Your brains and bodies are covered with rolls of fat.
A feast in time of plague – your food oozes pus!
Peace is not for long in your homes.

Poverty is all around, people are on the verge of starvation -
You won’t do anything for them,
You don’t care, that’s not a good reason for you,
At whose expense you eat.
Track Name: Ничего личного / Nothing Personal

You’ve heard a lot of times about a great help from them,
They told you they won’t leave you in the lurch.
You were ready to vote for them, to fight for them,
But the time will tell you got cheated again.

No, nothing personal! That’s just business, you hear me?
No, nothing personal! That’s life.
No, nothing personal! That’s just business, you hear me?
No, nothing personal! Hold on!

The time is right and you get angry with your masters,
Who are chosen by you yourself, though you were not forced to do it.
You accuse them of lying, but this is just their job,
You volunteered yourself to become an idiot.
Track Name: Батальон / Battalion

The battle is around! The war goes on. Soldiers fall into the trenches,
And in the offices the maps are marked with coffee drops,
Meanwhile top brass will decide who is guilty in another fail,
After taking usual evening baths.

The war goes on, and gun machines in unison
Fire at tanks with a dull sound,
Meanwhile they joke in their cabinets and eat their soup and deliver an order:
The next attack is done by battalion named «Cannon fodder».

The battle is around! Another one is wrapped with canvas cloth,
The report is already made and the stamp is put on it,
Someone will get fame, money and a new title,
And someone gets just injuries and frustration.

The battle is around! The war goes on, leading to thousands of casualties –
Their table is filled with statistic paper.
Someone won’t see husband, father or son no more,
And someone fails to get another title.
Track Name: Коли є зброя / When there is guns
Guns of brixton by Clash
Track Name: В турi / On Tour
On Tour

Months of hard work, we are tired of grey days.
Several hundred rehearsals brought some results.
Stop dying out in everyday life – pump the gas!
A couple of weeks we’ll be on tour, there we’ll have a blast!

When on tour we plan to forget all the problems,
We're going to take a rest from work!
Here are our friends old and new, every step here is an adventure.
When on tour the freedom is around!

Folks, whom we don’t see often, are waiting for us,
Sleep and good food are for the weak, we don’t have much time for that,
As always losing money, but we didn’t have any before,
What’s making us rich is our friends, our music and being on tour!
Track Name: Кармелюк / Karmeliuk

Beyond Siberia the sun rises, you boys don’t sleep,
In me, Karmaliuk, you better trust!

I returned from Siberia, and no fate I have,
Though not in chains I am, but still without freedom.

Wherever I go and wherever I look - everywhere rules the rich man,
Spends he his days and nights in great luxury.

I take from the rich and give to the poor,
By dividing money this way, I have no sin.
Track Name: Борись с самим собой / Fight yourself!
Fight yourself!

You gave up again, huddled yourself up in a corner,
Closed your eyes and lie low…
You don’t keep it together and wait for someone to help – nobody cares!
And you think you are the only one suchlike,
But look around – whose life is easy nowadays?

Fight yourself! No mercy, no doubts!
Fight yourself! Till the end, without regrets!

You throw away stones, kicking leaves around,
And think of relying on alcohol,
But you can’t cure depression,
If you just fuck around.
You think you are the only one suchlike,
But look around – whose life is easy nowadays?

Nobody cares what will happen to you -
These days it’s easy to get crazy,
So you either die away or start to win, Take it or leave it.
Track Name: Криза / Crisis

Once again you have to have nothing.
Again there is no salary or even work.
You’re ready to sell yourself for a penny,
Just to pay off debts, just not to be hungry.

This is crisis! Poverty and hunger
This is crisis! Stick it
This is crisis! Be prepared and get used to!
This is crisis! Remember
This is crisis! Survive
This is crisis! You will have to do it, get this clear!

Another feast for the oligarchs
And another hell for those who do not steal.
Those who have everything, will have more, will get richer,
And you, as always, - will lose everything.
Track Name: На правильном пути / On The Right Track
On The Right Track

Other values, a different life,
We will be often anti everything.
For them what’s important is success and money,
But for us the truth is what’s important.

We’re not like them!
They hate us - so we’re On the right track!

Stupid flock is always afraid of dogs
And follows a shepherd’s signs.
It is so easy for them to find an enemy
Andit is so difficult to throw off the shackles.